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Epoxy Flooring in Vancouver

May 7

Businesses looking to invest in flooring should consider epoxy. Epoxy floors are durable, easy to maintain, cost-effective and versatile enough for placement anywhere from warehouses, retail spaces and restaurants to food courts. The installation will only take minutes, so there should be no disruptions during the installation process. Numerous advantages unique to epoxy cannot be found with other traditional materials like carpet or tile.


  • An epoxy floor can be an incredible asset to any business. Not only can it add visual appeal and durability, but you can customize its colors to reflect your brand. Plus, there is the bonus of not needing to maintain it over its lifespan due to no grooves or cracks that trap dirt - saving money that can instead go towards advertising or other expenses!
  • Epoxy flooring can easily be installed, providing a quick and straightforward way to cover up damaged, old floors or add an extra layer of protection on surfaces that tend to stain easily. Epoxy floors come in various styles and colors to suit any room in your house, plus they have long lifespans making them ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Epoxy floors provide unparalleled resistance against chemicals, water and wear-and-tear.
    Epoxy flooring provides resistance against chemicals, water, wear and tear, and wear-and-tear. Epoxy is a hard coating that can be applied over almost any object or surface, and its strength has made it a popular industrial sealant for years. Modern epoxies offer more comprehensive applications and cheaper pricing than older versions - meaning more people use epoxies today in areas beyond factories and warehouses! They even make great kitchen and bath floors thanks to being resistant to acid spills if accidental painting occurs; even kids' juice spillage won't ruin them either! Epoxy has incredible liquid-proof capabilities!
  • Installing Epoxy Flooring will Increase the Value of Your Property.
    Epoxy floor coverings can be an excellent way to increase the value of your property. Made up of two parts: resin and hardener - epoxy floors offer tough and durable surfaces. Commonly found in garages due to being heat and oil-stain-resistant. They cost $1-2 per sq. foot to install, yet may add as much as a 2-3% value increase to a property's market price.
  • Epoxy flooring in your garage will improve its aesthetics and protect its surfaces, as it seals completely off all surfaces. Epoxy flooring for garages is ideal because it seals completely off any surface type; for instance, if your concrete or tile floor is dirty and deteriorating quickly, epoxy could prevent further deterioration from taking place. A stained floor may result from spilled motor oil, drastically lowering its value; epoxy may provide the answer in these instances too! For brick or concrete floors that have stained patches that need repair, epoxy flooring may provide the solution - especially if the surface becomes dirty over time - epoxy might provide just what it needs!

Swift Epoxy Flooring's flooring business brings over 20 years of experience to every project. We have helped thousands of home and business owners select the right flooring solution for their homes or business. As leaders in the home-improvement industry, we can offer you our expertise to help guide you through this entire process. We strive for excellence and provide only products made with high-quality materials. All of our systems are highly resistant and durable to many chemicals. This includes acids, alkalis, alcohols, salts, and other contaminants in homes or businesses. 

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